Sunday, April 19, 2009

Face Sizes & Designs

The 3 most popular watch faces are in the square design in small, medium & large.
Color options for these are black, brown, white and pearl. Sample pictures are shown.

Small size is 34mm x 31 mm
Medium size is 39mm x 24mm
Large size is 41mm x 20mm
The "Valentine" watch has the option of a heart shaped face in size 35mm x 32mm

There are some additional options for faces. Please email me if you have any questions on these.

Show off your High School Pride!

These watches show off your high school pride.

They are also great graduation gifts for someone who has finally made it but wants to keep their high school spirit going.

The "Shelley Russets"

This school has a lot to be proud of. I am especially excited about this watch because this is the future school of my children.
Go Russets!!!

The "Blackfoot Broncos"

I've got spirit...yes I do, I've got about you!
I can never forget all the great memories I had at Blackfoot High and this watch is a great way to show my school spirit.
Go Broncos!!!

The "Snake River Panthers"

Purple Panthers!

The "Pretty Girl"

Pink, pink, cute is that!

The "Sand Dunes"

This is another version of a brown watch but with a little smaller beads than the "Open Range".

The "Lights Out"

This black wooden beads watch with darker silver beads has been a big hit.

The "Open Range"

Big brown wooden beads complimented with darker silver beads makes this watch a trendy surprise.

The "Celestial"

This white and silver watch has been popular since the colors are so pretty and can go with anything.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The "Valentine"

This watch was designed with Valentines Day in mind but works for any occasion. I have really enjoyed this watch with the red heart watch face.

Notice that the end seperators are silver hearts.

The "Mindi"

This watch was designed for a friend who loves the color green and purple. The green that she prefers is referred to as "kermit" green. Troy and I refer to this watch as "rivalry". Since I was a Blackfoot Bronco and our color was green and he was a Snake River Panther and his color was purple...we always tease about the colors with each other.

Please note: There is more green than purple...go Broncos!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The "Survivor"

This watch was designed from the t.v. show, "Survivor". I guess you can say that I decided to design my own immunity idol. :)

Fly Rod built by Nicki

Here is the patriotic fly rod that I built for my "sweetie". The cost of the fly rods are $150.00 each.

I can customize this rod with your name.

Order information below

Fly rods come in two lengths. You can order a 8'6" 5 weight rod or a 6' 4" 4 weight rod. Guides come in 2 choices. Either snake guides or single foot guides. Good to note though that snake guides do stiffen a fly rod slightly. The rod that I have displayed is a 8'6" rod with snake guides. The red and blue wrapping is for the guides. The white is an accent color only. Accents are optional. Choose your color of thread from the list below. Fly rod price is $150.00 each.